Suggestions and information to stores that sell Hammergarlic

Our wholesaler in Sweden is:

Swedfruit AB, Helsingborg


>>> New for this year is that Hammergarlic is delievered in bags of 5kg <<<

Hammergarlic is ecologically grown. No chemical substances are used at the cultivation and manure is used as fertilizer.
The picture shows newly harvested garlic that soon thereafter is bundled together to dry. The garlic must be collected immediately as it is valuable and a temptation for thieves.
The exhibition table that instantly increases sales by 40%. The table can be ordered straight from us or from SABA and ICA.

Since we promote grating of Hammergarlic rather than traditional pressing, we have developed a special grater for Hammergarlic. It costs only 16 SEK


Suggestions for displaying Hammergarlic