The medicinal properties of Hammergarlic

The properties of garlic are most potent when it is fresh. However it retains some of its effects when cooked or fried, particulary its ability to regulate blood-pressure. Garlic is effective against bacteria, parasites and viruses. This suggests it is a supermedicine - which is just what it is.


  • Fights infection - sometimes better than penicillin

  • Fights viruses - which penicillin can´t do

  • Thins the blood - combats blood clotting

  • Lowers blood pressure - good for the heart and arteries

  • Lowers cholesterol - good for the heart and arteries

  • Eases bronchitis and respiratory congestion

  • Stimulates the secretion of bile to the duodenum

  • Counteracts nicotine. Garlic can be used as an antidote to nicotine poisoning and complaints triggered by chronic smoking

  • Recipe for garlic honey that releives colds

  • Recipe for a health drink from the middle ages

  • A recipe against warts


Garlic contains thousands of substances

Hammergarlic with thousands of substances

Garlic is like a mini-pharmacy. A part from vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, proteins and tracers, garlic contains the mysterious amino acid alliin, which is rich in sulfur. As soon as a garlic’s tissue is damaged through chopping, grating or crushing, the substance allicin – diallyltiosulfinate – is produced out of the amino acid alliin. Additionally, another enzyme called allinase is produced. As a matter of fact, far too little is known about the substances of garlic. However, the research work further down on this page shows that garlic is now being taken more seriously and that extra attention is attracted to its substances.


New research shows that garlic can lower the risk of developing cancer in the stomach and in the large intestine.

The study, presented in October 2000 by the medical journal American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, shows that people who eat raw or cooked garlic run an estimated 50% lower risk of developing cancer in the stomach. It also shows that the risk of getting cancer in the large intestine can be reduced by two thirds if you eat garlic regularly. The scientists, led by Professor Lenore Arab at the University of North Carolina, have gathered information from 300 scientific studies that have been made around the world, to determine the relation between garlic and cancer.

Earlier studies have shown that allium, a substance in garlic, partly protects animals against cancer, and many scientists claim that the effect is the same for humans. They believe that garlic helps to protect against stomach cancer because it has antibacterial effects against a germ in the stomach known to support stomach cancer.

The lowered risk of cancer in the stomach or the large intestine relates only to ”real” garlic, and the same effects for garlic supplements – that can be bought as capsules or tablets – could not be seen. It is believed that the active substances in garlic are destroyed during the manufacturing of these products or when they are kept on the shelf for too long.

The study relates only to the link between garlic and a lowered risk of developing cancer in the stomach or the large intestine and not to other types of cancer. Read more in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Hammergarlic against warts

Grate a Hammergarlic and mix it with finely ground sea salt and a few drops of vinegar. Keep the mixture in a cool compartment for a few days. The recipe should only be used against warts and works as liquid nitrogen.


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Last updated 2002-05-09