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Fresh Hammergarlic
A happy Martin delivering Hammergarlic Martin is always on the run, with new things planned.


The History and the future

"It started in 1979 when my mother gave me a few kilos of the Czech garlic", tells Martin. "I then had no idea how unique the product was that I held in my hand. I later came with the Czech garlic to Sweden and by accident I had a few with me for an old friend that owned a restaurant in Stockholm. He was stunned when he tasted Hammergarlic and its flavor and aroma". The friend ordered 50 kg straight away and so the legend of Hammergarlic begins. Today Hammergarlic is found all over the country and in thousands of stores. To begin with, Martin delivered garlic the same way that the picture above shows, but hardly so today when sales of Hammergarlic amount to hundreds of thousands of kilos. "

The next step is to sell and market Hammergarlic in Denmark and then in the rest of the Nordic countries" Martin continues. "Already next year we will exhibit Hammergarlic at the world’s largest garlic festival in the town of Gilroy, California. We are also planning the first garlic festival in Sweden and it will be in Helsingborg" Martin concludes.


The future is also illustrated by youngest daughter Jennifer on a mountain of garlic.